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North Hollywood Athletics strives to embody the mission of the School by building community through teamwork, pursuing athletic excellence, and promoting integrity through sportsmanship while enthusiastically representing the School with purpose and pride.

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Athletic Schedules

NHHS 2023- 2024 Athletic Coaches

Name Email Sport/ Position Season
Melanie Badgen [email protected] Administrator over athletics Fall, Winter and Spring
Kenneth Harris [email protected] Athletic Director Fall, Winter and Spring
Ryan Aguilar [email protected] Football (Assistant Coach) Fall
Jerry Barahona [email protected] JV Soccer (W) Winter
Nickolas Barba [email protected] V. Soccer (M) Winter
Ollie Brown [email protected] JV Basketball (W) Winter
Daniel Campos [email protected] JV Baseball Spring
Gaby Cano [email protected] JV Cheer Fall, Winter and Spring
Kevyn Cruz [email protected] V. Volleyball (W &M)Assistant AD Fall and Spring
Denise Daniel [email protected] JV. Volleyball Fall
Jose Oscar Eligio [email protected] V. Soccer (W)/ JV Softball Winter and Spring
Scott Faer  [email protected] Football (head coach) Fall
Marlen Gamino [email protected] Cheerleading Fall, Winter and Spring
Andrew Lepore [email protected] Golf (W & M) Fall and Spring
Mitch McCoy [email protected] V. Softball Spring
Marco Oliva [email protected] JV. Soccer (M) Winter
Doundrekyc Parham [email protected] JV B. Basketball Winter
Oscar Ramirez [email protected] Assistant AD Fall and Winter
Patricia Rebulard [email protected] Track Var. W Fall and Spring
Chris Rondini [email protected] Track Var.   Spring
Robert Ruffin [email protected] Basketball Var. (W) Winter
David Sanchez [email protected] J.V. Football / J.V. Volleyball (M) Fall and Spring
Marta Schultz [email protected] Cross Country Fall
Eder Tapia [email protected] V. Baseball Spring
Kevin Weaver [email protected] Cross Country Fall
Donovan Womack [email protected] V. Basketball (M) Winter
VACANCY VACANCY Tennis (W & M) Fall and Spring