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Historical Photos & Songs

Alma Mater From the Valley's purple mountains
On the golden-tinted plain, 
Near the padre's sacred fountains 
Reaching to the sounding main, 
Stands our noble Alma Mater, 
Stands the high school that we love, 
And our noble aspirations 
Are inspired by heav'n above. 
We shall always love our high school 
As her sons and daughters should; 
And our fondest, noblest wishes 
Are for you, North Hollywood. 
The NHHS Alma Mater is sung to a tune called Sadie Ray by J. Tannenbaum.
This tune is also used by Princeton University's song Orange and Black.
You can see the sheet music for Sadie Ray & Orange and Black here:

Fight Song

Huskies Are We, with high ideals and honor bright.
Huskies Are We as long as we can stand and fight
We’ll do our  best 
In everything we try and do,
With life our test
We’ll show the rest
That we are NH Huskies through and through !
The NHHS FIght Song is the trio from Robert Browne Hall's New Colonial March.  
The tune is also the official Fight Song of Stanford University, Come Join the Band.
The first school in Lankershim, now North Hollywood, was located in a bunkhouse.
The original building from 1927 at what was then called Lankershim High School.
An addition was added in the forground 3 years later to form what is now Kennedy Hall.
Aerial view from the southeast of North Hollywood High School, North Hollywood, California, April 1927
Mural by Federal Writers' Project artist Fletcher Martin. It was twenty feet high and created on the auditorium wall of North Hollywood High School, North Hollywood, California, September 27, 1937.
1942 Graduation Ceremony
Members of the North Hollywood High School club Vagabonds are shown building
one of their booths for the annual "Levis and lace" dance held at the Glen-Aire Country Club, May 1, 1957.